- Model TRV - Interrow Cultivator



TRV cultivator equipped with vision control steering ensures an exact steering. The cameras photograph the plants and transmit the informations to the LH-500 control panel. TRV can be delivered with working width of 3,6 and 9 m with a row distance from 30 – 75 cm. The cultivator can be delivered with the special VCO S-tine with A-blade or L-blade.

  • TRV cultivator is suspended in parallel, which ensures the optimal use of the electronic vision control steering.
  • A computer-based optical system steers the cultivator hydraulic by a parallel suspension.
  • As standard the machine i mounted with 2 stabilization disc.
  • The basic element of the Vision Control steering is 1-2 cameras, which photograph the plants in the rows, and which transmit the informations into the LH-control panel in the tractor cabin.
  • The LH-control panel indicates for instance row distance and the tractor driver receives continuous informations about the steering.
  • Sections and plant protection shields are suspended parallel.
  • As standard the cultivator is mounted with spring loaded rear harrow, which ensure that the weed is turned.
  • As extras the machine can be delivered with band sprayer, where 2 nozzles are used per row.
  • Experience shows that the amount of liquid can be reduced to 60 – 100 l per Ha.

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