Model TI-1 - Fertilizer Spreader



Centrifugal fertilizer spreader is used for dry granulated mineral spreading. Suitable for mineral spreading with size not bigger than 25mm crumbles. Fertilizer spreader can be used with various tractor models. Fertilizers-minerals, according to direction of driving can be spread symmetrically, as well as on the left or right side only. When counterbalance used - TI-1 can work on up to 10% slopes.

  • Frame
  • Bracket
  • Fertilizer box
  • Catapult
  • Gear motor
  • Mixer
  • Sieve
  • Hydraulic control.

Through the holes in the back of fertilizer box, rearing plate serves fertilizer to shovels.
Shovels from the plates scatter fertilizer on the soil surface.
Above plate there is spreader which serves fertilizer to shovels.
Fertilizer minerals do not remain in the box because of sliding paddles.

Model TI-1
Spreading width, m 8-12
Work speed, km/h 6-12
Fertilizer rate, kg/ha 100-1000
Capacity, kg 440
Filling height, m Up to 1,41
Number of spreading discs, units 1
Number of shovels, units 6
Spread disk diameter, mm 497
Workers required 1 person
Size (box diameter/height), mm 1020/1030
Weight, kg 135

  • Accurate spreading
  • Adjustable spreading area
  • Sieve holds a solid fertilizer pieces

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