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Model Ti-240 - Two-Wire Controllers



Operate up to 640 valves Up to 60 independent programs. Run 16 valves in parallel as standard. Run single cable lengths up to 5km 

Easy to use

  • Heron's controllers are menu driven, making them intuitive and easy to use. 
  • To simplify the creation of irrigation programs, valves can be individually named.

Truly expandable

With Heron 2-wire irrigation controllers its easy and cost effective to add more valves, outputs or inputs to your installation 

  • Simply connect a decoder at the nearest point along the 2 wire cable where it is needed. 
  • Additional cable drivers can be added. Each cable driver can support an additional 240 valves . 
  • Multi-wire output cards can be connected for special outputs e.g. back flush applications. 
  • A range of additional inputs can be added e.g. digital inputs, flow meter inputsor switched inputs.

Integrate with sensors and dosing systems

  • To give you an even further degree of flexibility, our 2- wire irrigation controllers will integrate with a range of Heron sensors. Irrigation can be controlled by light, rain, temperature, humidity, wind speed or wind direction. .
  • Heron controllers can also be connected to Heron fertiliser and acid dosing systems. Up to 4 Heron dosing systems can be connected to one irrigation controller.

Tailor your controller to meet your needs

  • Because every site is different, Heron irrigation controllers can be configured to match the needs of each installation.
  • You can specify the number of programs, the type and number of automatic starts needed. You can enable or disable the software features required.
  • Simply select the features you want from a list of options. The features will then appear in the controller’s Main Menu for you to use. 
Unsurpassed reliability
  • Our 2 wire irrigation controllers and decoders offer an unparalleled level of protection against lightning and electrical surges.
    The Ti range of controllers utilise optical technology to isolate them from the 2 wire cable. Decoders have their own surge suppression, thermal trip and are fully waterproof.
    Communication between decoders and the controller is tolerant to poor cabling and earth leakages. Standard grease filled crimps can be used for joining the cable and decoders.

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