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- Transportable Implement Cart


The TIC is a heavy duty cart used both to pull and to transport harrows, weeders, packers, and more.    The cart is designed to fold easily from field to transport position in a matter of minutes allowing the harrow, weeder, or packer to be transported down the road to another field.


  • Hydraulic dual wing wheels located inward from the end of the wing for better contour following.  The center of gravity is located directly over these wheels in transport position.
  • Spindles and hubs are bolted on for easy replacement.  Dual or tandom duals can easily be added to the center section.
  • Heavy hinge design allows extremely short turning in transport position.
  • Heavy hinge pins are greasable for longer life.
  • Pull eye is adjustable to keep the unit level.
  • The price includes all fasteners, tires, hydraulics and tongue jack.

Available in Sizes: 30', 35', 40', 45', 50', 55', 60', and 70'

  • Telescoping, tubular wing braces (instead of cables) used when the operation requires traveling downhill with no drag of equipment (i.e. spraying or dead heading.)
  • Center section tandem duals used when carrying a tank on the center section.
  • Wing wheel extensions are included on 70' carts which helps stabilize the cart in transport position.
  • Raised cable brackets used for either cables or telescoping braces for clearance in rough ground or terraces.
  • Lift-arm locks used to keep lift-arms from bouncing over in field position.
  • Locking bar assembly used to keep wings from running forward when using cables.

TIC 80

  • Center Section: 6x4 x 1/4 and 5x3 x 3/16 rectangular tube.
  • Wings: 5x5 x 3/16 square tube.
  • Used For:
    • Drag Harrow
    • Tine Harrow
    • Springtooth Harrow
    • Ground Sprayer
    • Incorporation of Granular Herbicide
  • Available with either hydraulic or automatic wing wheels.

TIC 100

  • Center Section: 6x4 x 1/4 and 5x3 x 3/16 rectangular tube.
  • Wings: 6x6 x 1/4 square tube.
  • Used For:
    • Center Drive Rod Weeders.
    • Packers
    • Drag Harrows
    • Tine Harrow
    • Springtooth Harrow
    • Ground Sprayer
    • Incorporation of Granular Herbicide.
  • Comes with hydraulic dual wing wheels.

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