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TIFONE SUBSODLERS are used for the soil conservation tillage. TIFONE SUBSOILERS are equipped with a strong frame on which are fixed the working tools. Globo Agri Cult proposes three subsoiler categories splitted into carried and towed ones.

TIFONE Carried:

  • TIFONE light versions 2,5 m working width with 5 tines, suitable for companies with small-medium HP tractors
  • TIFONE with working width from 2,5 m to 4 m, suitable for companies with medium-high HP tractors
  • TIFONE FERTY : TIFONE equipped with stainless steel fetilizer for localized fertilization
  • TIFONE HYDROPNEUMATIC: TIFONE with nitrogen accumulator

TIFONE subsoilers common feature is the tine bayonet coupling to avoid the wear on the subsoiler and to make easy and fast the spare parts replacement.

Globo Agri Cult on each TIFONE SUBSOILER tine mounts the deflectors to obtain a more deep and intensive work whilst the central deflector avoid the coming up of the big clods to the surface.

The working purpose by using TIFONE SUBSOILERS is to move and to oxygenate deeply the soil, to crumble the working sole and reach the deepest la}*ers avoiding the damaging mixing effect with the surface layers.

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