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Sittelsdorf/Beet Europe (Dobieszów/Poland). The Bavarian family-run machine construction company ROPA presents for the first time at the leading exhibition in the sugar beet technique area Beet Europe, Tiger 5 as an new example of superior class between the 3-axle harvesters. The conceptually new chassis system with roll stabilization and slope compensation has already been implemented in 2-axle ROPA Panther. In the new Tiger 5 this concept was supplemented with a hydraulic chassis suspension of the rear axles, further developed on three drive axles and completed to perfection!

Hydraulic chassis system - roll stabilization with fully automatic wheel load and slope compensation

Specifically for the Tiger 5, ROPA has developed an innovative chassis concept with an oscillating front axle in conjunction with two hydraulically supported rear axles. Compared to previous chassis of 3-axle beet harvesters (the central axle is fixed to the frame) this reduces the sway of machine by one third! It is caused by hydraulic connection of stabilization cylinders at the front and rear axles of the one side, so that the ground unevenness at the wheel in level difference affects the frame only to 33 per cent - roll stabilization of the chassis. Thanks to the reduction of the chassis swing, the row and depth control is improved simultaneously, as the frame is averaged to the position of three axles. The hydraulic connection of the axles distributes the load always equally.

Slope compensation up to 10%

Unique among 3-axle beet harvesters is the automatic levelling system using six hydraulic cylinders and sensors. The entire vehicle is inclined to the slope by 10 % and thus held horizontally, the lifting unit runs itself scanning the soil surface. The slope stability is highly improved, even in extreme situations, the Tiger itself keeps stable where others harvesters would tip over. Furthermore, driving comfort increases as the driver remains in an upright seating position and doesn’t risk to slip out of the seat.

Significantly larger ground contact area for sustainable soil protection

The increased and soil-conserving tires of the new Tiger make him look mighty big and imposing. Good soil protection is maintained by the new 800/70 R38 Ultraflex tires at the front and 1050/50 R32 Michelin MegaXBib at the rear axles even with full bunker of about 43 m³. The soil is protected and damping characteristics are improved at the same time.

New Mercedes engine with 15.6l volume capacity – very powerful and cost-saving

The power transfer in Tiger 5 of 626hp/460kW (Mercedes Benz 6-cylinder row engine with 15.6 l volume capacity, AdBlue and SCR-KAT euro-Mot 4 final) became even more efficient through reduced fuel consumption. A higher maximum torque of no less than 2,900 Nm is efficiently transmitted via new stepless traction drive.

Stepless CVR gearbox for efficient power transfer

This new stepless traction drive was specifically developed by ROPA, Omsi and Bosch-Rexroth for the Tiger 5 and its high driving power. The 'Constant variable ROPA' gearbox (CVR) consists of three hydraulic motors on the compound gearbox and is located between the engine compartment and the third axle.

Up to 40 km/h at reduced rpm without switching gear

The speed of Tiger 5 is electronically restricted to 18 km/h in the lifting mode, during the road drive the Tiger moves continuously and 'lively' from 0 to 40 km/h without switching and traction interruption! The maximum speed of 40 km/h can be reached by the Tiger at extremely economical 1,195 1/min. Lifting in the field can be performed at the lifting speed of only 1,175 1/min. Depending on the power requirement the rotational speed of the Tiger is regulated automotive up to 1,650 1/min. The multi-disk differential brakes integrated into the axles (protected from dirt) running in oil bath serve for the 'taming' of the Tiger when required.

Direct power transmission with cardan shafts ensure a very high torque on all wheels

As a unique selling proposition on the market of 3-axle harvesters, the Tiger has a direct power transmission via directly linear situated cardan shafts from traction drive to the both rear axles and the front axle, which is a great advantage for better traction in changing or difficult soil and harvesting conditions. Thus, lead or lag between the axles are consistently excluded.

Automatic unfolding for completely automatic transformation from road drive into lifting action

A button touch is enough to „transform“ automatically ROPA Tiger 5 from the road drive mode to the field mode. Unloading conveyor, one meter wide ring elevator, bunker auger and other groups fold one by one and partially simultaneously. The sensor-controlled monitoring systems exclude operating errors and collisions. The entire folding process is performed by simultaneous activation of all functions to 50 % faster than before.

Super long unloading elevator for quick bunker unloading

The new extremely long unloading conveyor is located between the two rear axles and can be raised further due to higher tyres. A great advantage when overloading on driving alongside trailers, as it is performed shallower. It is 3-way foldable and 2000 mm wide for even simpler application of 10-meter-wide piles or easy overloading on trailer. The careful rubberized fingers guarantee high feeding capacity at short unloading time, only 50 sec with full bunker. The automatic bunker filling allows optimum traction under all harvest conditions by excellent weight distribution. Two ultrasound sensors measure the bunker filling, sum up the bunker charges, and save it in the impact database. The data export is possible via ISO-BUS.

Highlight!! – New cabin and operating concept of sugar beet harvester ROPA Tiger 5

The newly designed and considerably better mounted R-Cab cabin on hydraulic bushings ensures an optimized view of the improved PR2 lifting unit, whilst maintaining a physiologically adapted and comfortable seating position. A pleasant and gorgeous interior of the new cabin in combination with excellent sound insulation guarantee most comfortable operation. Extremely powerful fully LED working lights turn night into day.

ROPA combines under the name R-Concept its new intuitive operating philosophy. A large 12.1 inch touch screen with Wi-Fi interface performs as the information and command centre of the machine. From here the operator monitors the entire machine, receives information about operating conditions and performance data, adjusts functions and, thus, working results of the machine. The operation is performed dually, either with finger touch on the touch screen or with turning and pressing the rotate buttons „R-Select“ and „R-Direct“, which are situated in the ergonomically perfect position at the newly designed control panel in the handle of the multifunctional joystick (with integrated mini joystick). The thin control panel at the operator’s place suggests numerous possible adjustments for the ergonomic and comfortable seating position and at the same time increased visibility and heating of comfortable air seat as series. Premium class workplace.

The new intelligent three-point suspension with integrated measuring system allows even finer control of maintaining an optimum harvesting depth. As an advantage, this results in an even better lifting alongside with further reduced beet losses.

In summary, new developments of the Tiger 5 increase the daily output at reduced operating costs, simplifying maintenance and repair. The operator experiences an improved driving comfort during efficient and soil-protective harvesting of sugar beet.

The Tiger 5 is available from 2015 with the improved PR2h lifting unit with 6, 8 or 9 rows in different row widths. The defoliator unit can be selected between integral defoliator, defoliator with leaf ejection, all-round defoliator or rubber-defoliator with two rubber cleaning shafts.

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