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Tile Plow


Built by a contractor for use by a contractor or farmer alike.  Jr. Liebrecht has been in the tiling business for over 25 years, and continues today.  All his experience went into designing, testing, and improving the Liebrecht Drainage Plow.

Weight 8960 lbs. (pound for pound there is no better buy)
23 feet long
11.5 Feet Tall

Mechanical Advantages:
Length of Body, reduces hitch height variance, also reducing the amount the grade cylinder has to correct for it.

Shank Grade, tip to tail the tile boot installed working with a 10-feet bottom.Distance on shank from pivot to top 7 feet, pivot pin to bottom 6 feet.Utilizes the strong end of the lever for less hydraulic requirement, and finer grade control.

Tilt, keeps the shank vertical (left and right) for true grade on slants or through turns.

6 Foot Mast, allows laser sensor over all obstacles, true 360 degree reception.
Tile Feeder, (power feeder) eliminates possibility of stretch on tile.

Boot Pressure Regulator (BPR), for running in muck or water sand conditions, also assist the tilt to compensate more accurately.

Capable of laying up to 8 inch tile 6 feet deep.

Meets ASTM 449-47 tile support specifications

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