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- Warm Season Legume


Tillage Sunn is an outstanding cover crop for producing larger amounts of biomass and living cover through warmer conditions. In some areas in the south, Tillage Sunn planted at higher populations and narrow plant spacing has suppressed late season Palmer Amaranth and other weeds. It can be rolled down to provide a matte that will help prolong weed suppression.


Excellent For:

  • Fast growing cover crop
  • Good N scavenging/fixation
  • Terminates at first freeze
  • Can suppress weeds (with high populations + narrow spacing)
  • Good wind erosion control
  • Large biomass potential
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Can suppress root-knot and reniform nematodes

Although a legume, Tillage Sunn will scavenge available nitrogen and will fix nitrogen when nitrogen stressed. Either way, Tillage Sunn™ will hold/produce sufficient nitrogen to provide a significant nitrogen credit for the following crop.

When grown past the flowering stage, nitrogen content is reduced and stalks and stems will take longer to decompose. Tillage Sunn™ has been shown to suppress both root-knot and reniform nematodes.

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