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TillageMax INDY combines CCS Crimson Clover with two fall N scavengers – Tillage Radish and Tillage RootMax in this mix. The cool season growth and combination of the rooting types lead to great fall and spring nitrogen uptake, reducing nitrogen losses over the winter and in early spring. TillageMax INDY is a good choice when seeking nutrient capture, nitrogen fixation and slower nutrient release in the spring to prevent early leaching losses. While Tillage Radish is usually winter-terminated, Tillage RootMax and CCS Crimson Clover allow a wider window for control in the spring than cereal rye. TillageMax INDY makes a high quality forage for grazing and can be ensiled in the spring.

Excellent For:

  • Scavenging and holding nutrients from fall through spring
  • Three distinct cover crops species from diverse plant families to help promote a diversified soil biology
  • A balance of fall uptake, spring growth, and favorable C:N ratios for favorable nutrient release timing
  • Can add some nitrogen through fixation by crimson clover
  • Good forage for fall or spring grazing

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