- Model GSV40 - Silage Trailer



Tim GSV40 is developed to meet the demand for a large trailer that can cope with the capacity of the selfpropelled silagechoppers.The capacity is 40 m3. The trailer is constructed of the well-known profile folded chassis made of 6 mm high-strength steel. GSV40 is as standard equipped with 600/55-22,5 wheels. On request the trailer can be delivered with larger wheels.

  • GSV-40 is delivered with suspended drawbar.Hydraulic stayleg ensures a fast oncoupling.
  • The trailer has suspended bogie with hydraulic brakes on every wheel.
  • As standard the trailer is delivered with forced steering rear axle.
  • As optional the trailer can be delivered with hydraulic steered axles.
  • As standard the trailer is equipped with working light at the top front and on the rear of the trailer.

The conical body ensures fast unloading. GSV40 is equipped with a strong bumper. When the trailer is working in the field, the lock bolts can be removed so the bumper can turn freely in/out.

  • The unloading is done by 2 Kohlswa chains.
  • The chains are driven hydraulically by a center placed gearbox.
  • The placement of the gearbox reduces the load on the axle.
  • The unloading time is depending on the quantity of oil supplied by the tractor and of the material structure, but generally the speed of loading varies from 40 – 50 seconds.

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