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Imagine having a fast, powerful control system — right in the middle of the forest. The TimberRite 30Lite is a PC-based system integrating the control of the harvester/processor head with the measuring and bucking of timber. It displays all the information you need on a large color monitor, so with one glance you can see lengths, diameters, and assortments. And you can navigate menus faster and more easily using the keyboard or touchpad mouse.

  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • Maximum Productivity
  • Intelligent Control
  • Real-Time Information

Even if you’re miles away from the office, the TimberRite 30H system brings technology to you. Everything from email — which allows you to receive and send production information, machine settings, and harvesting instructions regardless of your location — to conveniences like CD-ROM, and a USB stick. Likewise, StanForD files ensure that data can interchange with virtually any professional system in the forestry business; data transfer is easy with a GSM or GPRS connection, a satellite phone, or a USB stick.

In addition to its user-friendly features, the TimberRite 30Lite has enough memory for an unlimited number of sites and personal settings for up to six different operators. That means operators can customize the system to suit their individual needs — and more work can be done with the help of one flexible system.

With its unique versatility, the TimberRite 30Lite enables you to specify eight preselected species and 40 preselected lengths per species to streamline your mixed-timber stands and large cutting lists. It also provides multiple levels of soft clamping for the drive arms and delimbing arms for each species. The new length-stepping feature replaces “Nudge.” With these automatic settings, you can focus less on your cutting lists and more on what’s really important: getting the job done right.

On-screen access to real-time information keeps you working hard — and smart.

The TimberRite 30H system also optimizes the stem in terms of value bucking (dollar values per log sort) or using a limitation matrix. Creating estimates on total stem diameter, the system quickly learns the typical stem profiles within the tree stand and makes the most merchantable bucking choices for the mill.

The TimberRite 30H features work and repair statistics to help you monitor uptime, productivity, and operating costs. And for easy data and information collection, you can plug a memory stick into the USB port and download all your production reports, worksite instructions, repair follow-ups, calibration history, log tables, and more — for information always at your fingertips.

Additionally, the TimberRite 30H system makes diagnostic tests on inputs, outputs, or sensors much simpler. It’s all part of Waratah’s effort to keep you updated and in charge — you don’t have to wonder whether your machine is working to full capacity, and you can rest assured you’re getting the most productivity for your time.

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