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Tined Cultivators



We manufacture a range of tined cultivators from light spring tines to heavy duty ripper tines both in mounted and trailed options. 4m Ripper with 15 legs, optional level boards and packer. 6m Spring Tine. Complete with eradicator tines, front and back level boards, 4 rows of spring tines and following harrow. 5m cultivator complete with 2 rows rigid shear bolt tines, Hydraulic level board, Tyre roller, 3 rows spring tines, Harrow, Gutler 560mm roller and Floatation wheels. Heavy duty cultivators with hydraulic fold and depth wheels. Pictured left is a 4 metre 15 tine machine, capable of working down to a depth of 16 inch. On the right, a 5.4m 21 leg Ripper with 4 depth wheels and rear 3 point linkage to attach packers or other equipment. 3m Ripper complete with 11 shearbolt legs, level board and road lights. 3m Heavy duty stubble cultivator c.w 10 tines, levelling discs and 560mm guttler roller.

  • Spring Tines
  • Large Spring Tines
  • Small Rigid Tines
  • Large Rigid Tines
  • Trailed or Mounted
  • Following Harrow
  • Choice of Rollers
  • LED Roadlights
  • Toolbox
  • Other requirements can be catered for

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