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Model TIP - Tiller Hydropneumatic Cultivator



The TIP is an hydropneumatic cultivator No-Stop able to afford any difficulty of farming, ploughing and reclaiming on hard lands with stones and bushes, without undergoing any breakage of any kind at a depth of 200 / 300 mm. It is made of a frame on which are linked the anchors connected by hydraulic cylinders to an accumulator of pression. The TIP can be used with chisel ploughshares for getting more depth or large ploughshares for getting more superficial worked. Usually the chisel ploghshare are mounted in the front row and the large type on the back. For power up to 160 HP it is suggested to use the TIP with three rows of anchors especially to work on hard ground, bushes, stones in order to avoid to block the implement.

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