- Model TX 300 - Cultivator



TIREX , the best way to ensure the success of your next crop.Significantly higher yields.Controlled weed eradication.Systematic reduction of soil preparation.A simple and compact design, for an intelligent alternative to ploughing

Higher yields start with the proper establishment of the crop.Today,another fundamental requirement is to reduce the costs of mechanisation and labour while increasing,rather than reducing, the yields.The TIREX  is the high performance surface tillage machine that you need to achieve and validate these objectives.It is used for the precise and meticulous preparation of seed beds in system using ploughed or ploughless tillage techniques.In these cases,one or two surface tillage operations are always quicker and more fuel-efficient.

  • working width : 3,00 m - transport width : 3,00 m
  • weight     : 3300 kgs
  • frame type  : fixe
  • Number of tines : 15
  • HP require : 160 / 200 cv

  • Automatic roller and wheels adjustment  (TX 420 / TX 500 / TX 620 )
  • Pivoting rear hitch
  • Rear lift (3,5T)
  • Double acting hydraulic outlet
  • Single acting hydraulic outlet
  • Hydraulic outlet coupled to folding mechanism
  • Hydraulic servo control of spreader turbine
  • 4 way double acting electro hydraulic selector (for use other tools on back).

Differents types of share available fitted with SPEED LOC system or bolt SPEED LOC assembly:

  • SPIKE and SPIKEMIX share
  • SWEEP and  SWEEPMIX share
  • Bolt shares forged reversble :
  • Chisel 55x15x400
  • DC 125x16x445
  • DC 185x16x445

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