- Model II - Controllers



Argus Titan II controllers are the powerhouses at the heart of the Argus system. We custom program each one to manage your specific applications. They are fast, rugged, highly configurable, and can run more applications than most controllers in their class. They can also be easily networked together for seamless control of any sized facility. Each system starts with an Access Point controller which consists of an Argus Titan II controller equipped with alarm contacts, a battery backup, and smart charging circuitry. The system is then expanded as needed by simply adding additional controllers connected together by a highly flexible communications network. Wired and wireless controller connection options are available.

Separated I/O

Titan controllers use separate I/O Modules for all sensor inputs and equipment control outputs. This provides the highest degree of control safety, isolation, application flexibility, and economy. It also enables extremely tight integration with the layout of your facility and your equipment systems. With a Titan system, your controllers will never become obsolete simply because you need a few more outputs.

Dedicated Control

Titan controllers are industrial computers designed by Argus. All control programs are executed from the controllers. When you access the Argus system from a PC you are communicating directly with the controllers. When you are not on line, the Titan controllers automatically operate all of your controlled equipment in accordance with your settings and control targets.

Seamless Integration

For larger installations Titan controllers are easily interlinked to create a single, facility-wide system. They can be distributed throughout your operation to best suit your layout and control applications. Controllers can be ganged together in central locations or they can span long distances using Argus system network communications technology.  Wireless control options are also available in situations where dedicated communications wiring is impractical. For maximum safety and reliability each controller operates autonomously and all controllers are continuously monitored.

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