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- Model Titan Series - Sprayers



Titan is a modern and comfortable knapsack sprayer of 12, 16, 20 liters capacity. It is perfect for spraying plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers in greenhouses, orchards and on plantations. Titan knapsack is designed to make their exploitation and operation easy and comfortable. The lever can be adapted to either side of the sprayer to suit both right and left hand operators. The lenght of the telescopic lance can be changed easily to suit the user's need. The lance has an antipollution device what secures the telescope from getting dirty and getting blocked. All elements of Titan are made from high quality, durable, and chemical-resistant materials. The knapsack is generously equipped and a wide range of additional accessories is available to make the work even more easy and efficient.

  • farm
  • garden
  • nursery
  • plantation
  • orchard
  • flowerbeds

  • Telescopic wand 75-135 cm
  • Light-weight, hermetic (no-hole at the base) tank
  • Transparent walls with a scale
  • Strong, durabe base
  • High efficient pump with glass balls inside the piston
  • 2 nozzles with regulation of stream angle MR1.5 (1,5 mm), MR1.0 (1,0 mm)
  • push-in valve (thumb control for instant on/off)
  • safety valve
  • in line filter
  • reinforced PCV hose 130cm
  • extra spare parts and silicone smear enclosed
  • packed in a colour box

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