Model TK7600 Series - Row Unit



This row unit is the reason we started manufacturing frames.  This row unit incorporates all that is important when laying down seed.  The TK7600 will get you seed to soil contact quickly every time which is essential in obtaining an excellent crop stand.

  • The position of the seed tube allows the seed to drop to the bottom of the trench.
  • Low horsepower requirement.
  • Easily adjustable large coil spring allows for a heavy/more even down pressure of a long stroke.
  • 250 to 750 lbs down pressure. (9 settings)
  • 13' parallel linkage to allow the unit a stroke of over 13 inches.
  • Unit mount coulter for row specific coulter depth control.
  • Precise, easily adjustable depth control.
  • Row units manufactured out of heavy plate for weight and durability.
  • Ability to mount various planting meters on row units for precise seed spacing.

The TK7600 Series Row Unit is designed to give you an even crop stand each and every year with very low maintenance.

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