- Model 1200 og 1600 - K2 FeedRobot System



TKS K2 FeedRobot is based on the system as K2 CombiCutter, and has been designed for cutting and dispensing silage, round bales/square bales and silage. K2 FeedRobot handles most types of round bales and silage, including frozen forage. But an automated system sets still larger requirements of shape and consistency, therefore it is important to avoid 'hard tough silage'.

K2 FeedRobot system must be seen as a system rather than one single unit. The concept is that with such extensive consumtion of forage by today's larger livestock there is a need for a system a automate both supply and feeding.

The system consist of a K2 FeedRobot that moves automatically according to different programmes for varios operations, and one or more intermediate units from chich the K2 FeedRobot van be autimatically supplied with forage.

K2 FeedRobot system can be installed in most types of premises and there are many opportunities to ensure that it is high and wide enough to safeguard the safety of animals and humans alike.

The system can also be equipped with various applications, such as a concentrates tank, load cells, 1 or 2 track ceiling rails, lateral displacement or door opener.

  • Knife attachment without the use of screws
  • 38 double knives
  • 7,5 kW motor on the cutter cylinder
  • Central lubrication
  • Powerful carriers on the bottom conveyor
  • Stepless adjusment of the speed of the bottom conveyor
  • Resistance sensor controls feeding towards the cutter cylinder
  • Solid bearings and operation
  • K2 FeedRobot handles round bales well from new presses with a broad chamber
  • Service friendly

Simple Operations

Reliability and flexibility are highly prioritised in control:
A resistance sensor measures how much power is used, and if this is exeeded the machine stops quickly, then continues feed output.

K2 FeedRobot 1200 and 1600
The machine can now be delivered in two different widths:

  • 1600mm as previosly and 1200mm for those who need a narrower machine.
  • Everything is the same apart from the width.

Extra equipment

  • Cross conveyor 0,7m - 1,0m - 1,3m - 1,7m
  • Double feedbrush
  • Section extension - wide and narrow
  • Pendant control
  • Consentrate container (1 or 2 containers  1200) - (1 - 2 or 3 containers  1600)

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