- Model 1600 and 1200 - K2 CombiCutter System



K2 CombiCutter can be used to cut / strip all types of feed, such as round bales, silage, cut and mixed feed. It handles most types of feed, from wet to dry, from long to short material. The machine delivers an even and good feed output, thanks to the unique knife drum with 38 double knives and automation with pressure regulation.

K2 CombiCutter is very well suited as a manual feed output. I can be equipped machine where one wishes large capacity for feed output. It can be equipped with a floor carriage or can be hung up on rails to move the feed table. Both ceiling operation and carriages on wheels have frequencey control for a soft start/stop. One can choose whether one will have doors or fixed sides on the machine. This is decided by how the machine is to be filled.

The Advantages

  • Knife attachment without the use of screws
  • 38 double knives
  • 7,5 kW motor on the cutter cylinder, as an option you can get it as 5,5 kW motor
  • Central lubrication
  • Powerful carriers on the bottom conveyor
  • Fixed sides or door as required
  • Stepless adjusment of the speed of the bottom conveyor
  • Resistance sensor controls feeding towards the cutter cylinder
  • Can be delivered with a control for remote control
  • Can be delivered  stationary, with floor carriage or hung on rails
  • Solid bearings and operation
  • K2 1600 handles round bales well from new presses with a broad chamber
  • Service friendly

Simple  operation
Reliability and flexibility are highly prioritised in control: The speed of the bottom conveyor can be stepless adjusted from the control cabinet or console. This means that the machine always works optimally in relation to requirements and consistency of the coarse feed. A resistance sensor measures how much power is used, and if this is exeeded the machine stops quickly, then continues feed output.
K2 CombiCutter 1200  1600
The machine can now be delivered in two different widths:

  • 1600mm as previosly and 1200mm for those who need a narrower machine. Everything is the same apart from the width.
  • Interior measurement of K2 1600 is:  135cm
  • Interior measurement of K2 1200 is:    96cm

K2 1200 takes almost all types of feed, apart from the whole round bales. It can be delivered stationary or hung on rails (not floor carriage) and can be equipped with a side feed output.

The 1600-model is delivered in two lengths 2,8 m3 and 3,6 m3
The 1200-model 2,5 m3 og 3,2 m3

Extra equipment

  • Cross conveyor 0,7m - 1,0m - 1,3m - 1,7m
  • Double feedbrush
  • Section extension - wide and narrow
  • Pendant control
  • Powered ceilings
  • Floor cart
  • Auto control
  • Magazine

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