Pezzolato S.p.A.

Model TL 1000 - Firewood Processor



Ideal machine to cut and split logs up to 380 mm diameter and to cut bundles that do not need to be split. Compact machine with solid structure. Powerful 20 ton wood splitter. Hydraulic guillotine wood clamp.

POWER BAND' transmission belts

They are very innovative belts with single band, they minimize maintenance and prevent a belt going out from its site consequently damaging the transmission.


All  the machines by PEZZOLATO are equipped with 'load sensing' control system that increases efficiency, reduces energy consumption and prolongs the life of the machine making work processes more fluid.

Two gear pumps combined with a special hydraulic distributor with regenerative system, guarantee high speed of the log splitter and a reduction in pusher speed depending on the cut effort required; reduction of cycle time and energy saving.

Hydraulic circuit with double filter system; a pressure filter of 10 microns, able to protect all the hydraulic components; an exhaust filter, of easy maintenance, collecting the impurities on the way back, before entering the tank.


It's an automatic control of logs pusher, able to automatically handle the speed, it allows to obtain accurate parts by reducing the speed on positioning and ensuring at the same time a high speed during pusher placing and return. Reduction of cycle time and increase of productivity.

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