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Model TL 280 PHL - Two Row Cup Planter



Two row cup planter with optional tractor-front mounted organic fertiliser bunker. The specifications for the TL 280 PHL two row potato planter are essentially the same as for the TL 280 PH except for the height of the planting units. The height of the planting units has been increased to allow for easier manual correction of empty planting cups when planting uneven seed sizes. The optional tractor-front mounted fertiliser bunker allows for the application of organic fertiliser at planting time, thus eliminating extra driving to fertilise after planting.

The TL 280 PHL two row planter has mounting points for an optional stainless steel fertilizer bunker. An optional TEMIK application unit can also be added.

The TL 280 PHL two row planter has a bunker capacity of 800kg. The TL 280 PHL can be fitted with an optional ridger assembly.

The TL 280 PHL comes standard with medium planter cups. Small or large planter cups can be fitted on requeast as optional alternatives.

The planting units are taller than standard to allow for manual correction of empty cups when planting uneven seed sizes.

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