Model TL 80 - Air-Screen Seed Cleaner



The TL-80 air-screen cleaner is the top capacity cleaning and grading machine. The machine is designed for operation in vegetable and flower seeds as well as stock seed multiplications in breeding programmes of all other crops, in all cases where you demand quick and thorough cleaning and maximum retention of valuable seed.

The main difference between the TL 80 and the SL 80 is the addition of a pre suction air module with cyclone for the elimination of light particles before entering to the screens.

The main difference compared to the SS 1 and 2 air/screen seed cleaning machines is the full steel open booth system (same as the streamline), together with a skid plate between the first and the second screen, to improve the accuracy and quality of cleaning (the second screen is used at its full length just like the first screen). The machine has a very open construction specifically designed for easy access and clean-out.

The machine is equipped with a pre-suction air fan and cyclone, 3 sieve levels and precision cleaning / grading by a pressure air fan. All functions are electronically adjustable.

Main details of the TL 80-2

  • Regular flow feeding with VIDOS vibrating feeding hopper, or belt feeding.
  • Screening sieves: 800 mm, (but if probable the Standard-2 sieves can be used)
  • 3 sieve levels, the first 2 sieve levels are used over the full sieve length by using a deflector at the beginning of the second sieve.
  • sieves are self-cleaning by means of elastic balls.
  • Ball frames and sieves are pressed by only 2 quick-attach levers, very easy and no leaks.
  • Air cleaning and screening; pre-cleaning with suction fan, after-cleaning by air blast fan.
  • Easy and quick inspection and cleaning, very easy operation.
  • Precise and reproducible settings and independent adjustments of all functions.
  • Capacity up to 1000 kg / h with bold seeds (e.g. wheat), 600 kg in oil seed rape.

Feeding and pre-suction
The seeds from the VIDOS feeding hopper (1), are transported by the vibrating gully (2) through the pre-suction channel (3) to the first sieve. The feeding speed is continuously variable adjustable. The pre-suction air-flow is electronically adjustable for very easy and accurate separation without loss of seeds in the air flow.

Sieving The seeds fall on the first sieve, the over flow from the first sieve leaves the machine at the outlet (5), the seeds that dropped through fall on the skid plate (6) and glide back to the beginning of the second sieve (7), for the next sieving over the whole sieve length. The over flow of the second sieve leaves the machine at the outlet (8), the seeds that dropped through fall on the third sieve (9) where parts, smaller than the desired size drop through and leave at the outlet (10). The over flow of seeds of the third sieve have the desired size and are transported to the air-stream channel (11).

Density grading / cleaning fan.
The seeds with the desired size, free from impurities and sand, are transported from the sieve (9) into the precision air-stream channel (11). In the air stream, created by a very stable fan, the seeds are sorted by gravity or specific weight. The heavy seeds, with best germination and vigour, fall down against the air stream into the outlet (14),while the lighter seeds are carried upwards with the air stream and fall down in the lower part of the channel, into outlet (13). Finally, the lightest seeds leave the machine at outlet (12), while the air and light dust escape through a gauze exhaust. (16).

Technical Details

  • Total length : 300 (650) cm
  • Total width : 210 cm
  • Total height : ca 350 cm
  • Height depend height of outlet
  • Sieve length : 800 mm
  • Sieve width : 800 mm
  • Other dimensions on demand
  • Power Supply : 230V 50Hz 3.1 kW

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