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Model TL and TM Series - Flail Mowers



The tough and simple-to-use TL series, available in versions TL0900 - TL1200 and TL1500, is specialized in cutting grass on any type of terrain. Three rotors can be used: type A for a normal cut, and type F, fitted with twice the number of blades with respect to type A, to give a more accurate and closer cut, and type P, which thanks to the horizontal cutting edge of the blade permits an excellent finish cutting of the grassland. These mowers have fixed tractor hitches, and their drive is provided by 2 trapezoidal belts with automatic spring-adjusted tensioner.

TM 1300 - TM 1600 TM 1900, which can also be mounted with an additional rotor with respect to the TL series. This B type rotor is ideal for cutting down bushes and can therefore be used for clearing undergrowth, uncultivated fields, motorway verges. It can also be used for stalk shredding after crop harvesting..

The TM series differs from the TL series in that its hitches and 3rd point have two different positions, and three belts are used for the drive, which is decidedly more substantial in the TM series. Both series, however, guarantee the correct cutting height by using an adjustable rear roller and a scraper, which keeps the mower clean.

A set of side skids can be supplied upon request to suit the various different types of terrain. Both the TM and TL series mount steel protections as a standard to safeguard the driver when the rotor is in operation. The hitches, which are also standard fittings, allow the mower to be used with any type of tractor.


It can be applied to all models of TL and TM series, 1200 to 1900 mm long. This hydraulic shift kit is an actual optional accessory to be ordered with the machine or separately. The kit makes the machine particularly agile on any kind of ground for easy mowing, even in areas difficult to reach. It permits to improve the performance of your flail mower with no need for purchasing a new machine equipped with a specific shift frame.

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