Model TM48-GRS - Hydraulic Down Pressure Posthole Digger



TM48-GRS hydraulic down pressure posthole digger with dual leveling cylinder kit fits category 1, 2, 3, three point lift tractors with three remote hydraulic valves. Drills to 60'.*Dual cylinders in place of screw type leveling brace. *Hydraulic top link to fit in place of manual tractor top link. *Rigid frame with hydraulic down pressure. *Heavy duty gearbox with flanged output FEATURES INCLUDE hub. *Heavy duty driveline equipped with special automatic torque limiter that releases when overloaded and resets automatically when PTO speed is reduced. *Solid steel stem inside of auger tube adds strength and doubles as an extension. * Relief valve to control down pressure. *All hoses and fittings to attach to tractor remote outlets (quick couplers furnished). . *Adjustable skids.

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