Robydome Ltd

- Model TMC3 - Potato Store Control



Designed specifically to control store temperature for up to 500 tonnes of potatoes. Cost effective system utilising ambient air cooling of the stored crop. Differential crop cooling reduces energy costs and ensures effective temperature control.

  • Louvre control is built into program design to mix ambient air with recirculated store air.
  • Precise control of ventilating duct air is possible even when ambient air is below 0 C.
  • Anti-hunting, adjustable timer is included in the program design.
  • Reduces fan start-ups per hour to protect the fan motor and allows the system to stabilise.

  • Easy to install for controlling any make of fan starter and Louvre control.
  • Can be wall or panel mounted and has separate power supply and relay box.
  • Simple push button operation with clear illuminated liquid crystal display.
  • Unique check button means controller operation can be followed from displayed information.

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