Vigolo S.R.L.

- Model TN - TSP - Post Hole Diggers



Hole diggers Vigolo are particulary suitable in all the situation when need to drill on agricultural land; typically the holes to implant the vineyards or the orchards. Hole diggers Vigolo are avaible in two models: TN and TSP; the first one can use bits till 500 mm of diameter and is suitable to be used on normal kinds of land, Model TSP can use bits till 1000 mm of diameter and is the ideal for professional use. Both this models can be fitted out with lever reverse to obviate to manacle of bit. Hole diggers Vigolo can drill till 1000 mm of depth for model TN and 1200 mm for TSP. Support stand is standard to permit to stock the hole diggers with bit mounted. Hole diggers Vigolo can be equipped with sundry bits and accessories.

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