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Poul Tarp A/S

TOC Cabin Computer



TOC – Transportation and Office Communicator is placed in the cabin of the tanker. Information regarding routes, orders, mail/messages and registrations are automatically transmitted between MTC system at the office and the TOC – no printed lists or paper work for the driver. The TOC Computer is specially designed and developed for use in tanks. The TOC Computer with Touch Screen has a Windows CE.net system. The TOC can be delivered with a 6,5' or a 10' screen.

The TOC Computer can handle different peripheriral equipment for collecting the necessary data to the MTC system for direct invoicing:

  • GPS for positioning and navigation
  • Printers
  • Electronic keys
  • Handheld computers/PDA
  • Back camera

The TOC Computer that is connected to the office MTC system via GPRS are giving information and handles registrations for the driver such as:

  • Driver ID
  • Route selection
  • Navigation
  • Registration of volume
  • Registration of electronic key information
  • Informationer scanned from PDA
  • Order selection
  • Entering data to an order
  • Entering amounts in orders
  • Registration of time
  • Registration of km
  • Finish order
  • Finish routes

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