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- Model 404-505-505XL - Straw Shredders



Straw Shredders For straightforward bedding the 404/505/505XL range offers fast effective shredding of straw to a consistently short length.

Blow straw up to 30', discharge to one or both sides of the tractor. Alternative delivery chutes are available to suit your requirements.

The Tomahawk 404 and 505 models use rotating and static blades to chop dry material to around 50mm. The chop length can easily be adjusted by moving the rotor, thereby changing the clearance between the blades. An optional short chop kit can be fitted to reduce the chop length further.

Easy control of output by adjusting the speed of drum rotation.

  • Tomahawk 404 - Suitable for 1.2m (4') diameter bales.
  • Tomahawk 505 - Suitable for 1.5m (5') diameter bales.
  • Tomahawk 505XL - Suitable for 1.5m (5') diameter bales and full size Hesston bales.

Various drum extensions are available for ease of operation or to accommodate larger rectangular bales. 

The 404/505/505XL range is suitable for dry material only, and will not cut silage or straw that has become damp as it will block the cutting rotor and chutes.

British built and backed

For your peace of mind Tomahawks are backed by an efficient after sales service from our production facility in Cornwall, England.

The Tomahawk Drum models are economical, simple and robust. There are no gearboxes, with the drive to the rotor being direct from the tractor, a hydraulic motor is used to rotate the drum. Due to their simplicity and strength, customers can expect a long service life from their Tomahawk.

Drum Machines


  • Process your own straw for TMR - no need to stockpile.
  • Quicker, better TMR mixing with prechopped straw.
  • Improved palatability - chopped straw improves digestion.


  • Save straw - users report typical savings of 30% compared to manual bedding down.
  • Cleaner livestock - healthier animals and fewer disease problems.
  • Save labour - one person bedding operation.
  • Specify the right machine for the job - short chop for poultry & cubicles, light shredding for loose housing.

Drum Tomahawks

  • Simple - drum turns clockwise, rotor turns anti-clockwise, and material is skimmed off the end of the bale.
  • No gearbox - direct drive from PTO. Hydraulic drive to drum.
  • Feed rate is controlled by the angle of the drum.

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