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- Model Brusher - Peeling Equipment



The Brusher addresses your needs to gently remove loose peel or to aggressively remove product defects by using the highest reliable brush technology on the market.

The Brusher works in conjunction with the TOMRA steam peeler and is optimised to ensure your process requirements can react to the variations in potato and vegetable quality.

The Eco steam peeler and Orbit steam peeler reduce the need to over peel. The TOMRA HMI interface provides you with a simple user interface to adjust the brusher, optimise the quality and to achieve an optimal efficiency. The design differs radically from other products in the market in terms of automation, control, construction, process flexibility and reliability, offering very low maintenance. With a selection of brush types and machine sizes that are designed to match your processing requirements; this unit can achieve a high level of peel separation and some defect removal while at the same time providing automated control for your individual needs.

The Brusher is a low cost solution.

Benefits of TOMRA's Brusher
  • Automation and Control integrated with the steam peeler
  • Very reliable brush system with small gap between brushes
  • Provides process flexibility for either low peel loss or for aggressive defect removal
  • Variable retention time to control line throughput
  • Option for wet or dry peel removal
  • Variable speed brush drive to optimise performance
  • Can be automatically controlled by the Peel scanner²

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