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- Model Genius - Food Sorting Machine



The Genius optical belt sorting machine uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet the high food safety requirements of the food industry and individual food processors.

The Genius™ removes all unwanted discoloration and foreign material from many food applications such as vegetables, fresh cut, potatoes, nuts and many more. Thanks to the Genius™ you will be able to ensure safe and excellent quality food.

  • High capacity and low maintenance food sorting machine
  • Flexible belt sorting machine with gentle handling assured
  • Daily operation, quality control and feedback is made possible through the touch screen, using an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Consistent long life accuracy

Dried fruit

Fresh cut




Grains and seeds

IQF vegetables and fruit





The Genius™ is a modular food sorting machine that can be tailored to your unique requirements and needs. With high resolution cameras and lasers, the Genius™ sorter offers a variety of inspection technologies in different inspection zones.

This way, the Genius™ achieves an unequalled food sorting performance. After being scanned in the inspection zones, the state-of-the-art air guns reject any defect within milliseconds in 2 or 3 separate streams. The good product proceeds its way to the processing line.

Product Benefits
  • User-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Modular/upgradeable
  • High capacity
  • Extremely fast payback on investment
Advanced Sorting Criteria

The Genius™ can sort multiple food applications by the following sorting criteria:

  • Subtle color
  • Foreign material
  • Advanced foreign material detection
  • Detailed size/geometry
  • Detailed shape
  • Damages
  • Moisture
  • Biological characteristics
  • Mycotoxins
  • Data

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