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- Model Opus - Tobacco Sorting Machine



What differentiates the Opus Tobacco sorter from any other optical stem sorter is that it does not only accurately detect and reject non-tobacco related material (NTRM), but more specifically the ‘woody’ stem stalks (stem knuckles, split stalks, partial or whole stalks) are also efficiently removed.

The Opus Tobacco sorter is a tobacco sorting solution that was inspired by the free-fall Opus sorter which already has a proven track record within the food industry served by TOMRA.

The Opus Tobacco sorter combines multiple innovative technologies and introduces unparalleled “hybrid” high resolution sensor-based technologies.

The Opus Tobacco delivers consistent tobacco stems hereby ensuring that in consumer product manufacturing, a reliable ‘tobacco only’ product is made available. It is known that in the process of white paper cigarette manufacturing, woody stems cause pull-out during cutting and cause uneven filling power of the cut-filler Tobacco, which consequently leads to waste while split stalks are known to cause paper piercings, resulting in unwanted waste and production stoppages.

The Opus Tobacco contributes to a more efficient manufacturing, hereby avoiding production stoppages, minimizing waste generation and contributing to environmental improvements (e.g. reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission control).

This tobacco sorting machine is a new generation sorting solution for mechanically harvested tobaccos. In a short period of time the unit will be an essential piece of the GLT equipment portfolio for the effective removal of stem stalks and NTRM.

It is quite simply a life changer in the tobacco industry and adds value to product integrity.

  • Optimal removal of NTRM and ‘woody’ stem stalks
  • Applicable in GLT, PMD
  • First generation of free fall/ hybrid (laser & camera) sorter
  • 1,000 mm wide (40”)
  • Single side laser inspection and single or double sided camera inspection
  • Enhanced sorting stability by the application of a central dust extraction and air knife arrangement, keeping optical windows and scanning sensitive areas free of dust
  • Advanced LED lighting, enhancing the lifetime of the background lights

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