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The Stratus, a joint development between GCH Cardwell and TOMRA Sorting Solutions, provides an answer to the specific sorting demands of Green Leaf Threshing (GLT) operations. The sorting machine sorts whole leaf tobacco prior to threshing, but has proven itself also in sorting oriental, Rajangan and even lamina type of tobaccos.

The Stratus is an in air laser sorter that can remove NTRM in a product stream of big-leaf tobacco before threshing. The Stratus provides a solution for detecting and removing larger sized NTRM before being threshed into much smaller particles and contaminating the product even more.

On the Stratus, an optimal single spread of tobacco with acceptable leaves, non-acceptable leaves and NTRM is obtained by the combined effect of the different elements within the infeed arrangement.

When entering the customized Mini Swan Classifier, a hovering effect is generated, lifting and accelerating the leaves into high speed laminar air flow, presenting a mono-layer of big leaf to the scanning area. A variable number of lasers inspect the product within milliseconds and a rejection device responds, rejecting the undesired elements.

Ideally, this sort is to be combined with a Helius™ for sorting free laminas.

The Mini Swan Classifier design ensures that heavies such as stones, bundles, hands and tobacco pads are pneumatically classified and removed before entering into the product stream. The optical sorting platform is based upon the industry proven Helius™ sorting technology, ensuring high sorting efficiency with low error rejection.

The Stratus can handle up to four tons of big leaf tobacco. The concept is modular and customizable, enabling easy integration of multiple units to match the line feed-rate, replacing the typically GLT applied hand picking arrangements.

  • Gross defect sorter
  • Mono-layer (big) leaf product flow
  • Sorting before threshing
  • Capacity of four tons/hour
  • Modular and scalable installation
  • Cost-effective solution for GLT’s
  • Gentle product handling

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