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Tong Peal Lift Roller Grader - Carrots

Suitable for a variety of crops depending on which sizing rollers are fitted. Grading is by rollers, one bed of fixed bottom rollers and a top bed. Every second roller moves vertically to make a grade. It is driven via variable speed motor. Feeding the Grader is a spreader section of 6 rubber-covered rollers to spread the product across the width of the machine. The machine comes on adjustable legs but can be of any height. Sizes vary from 1 metre wide with 2 grades up to 2.2 metre wide with up to 6 grades and any size in between. Grading bands specifications are: On plain rollers for carrots, parsnips or daffodil bulbs: 18mm - 88mm On plain rollers for potatoes and onions: 30mm - 110mm Machines available in mild steel painted, hot dipped galvanised or stainless steel (INOX) Machines can be manufactured to suit the customer's requirements

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