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The Top Air Topper Loader Series of harvesters is currently state of the art in the onion industry. This “One Step” method is considered by many in the industry to be the best and most efficient way to harvest onions. University studies have shown improved storage quality as a result of letting the onions dry naturally and handling them only once. Extremely high capacity, coupled with very gentle handling make these harvesters the perfect machine for the larger Spanish type onions, as well as the smaller, harder European varieties. Our patented Top Air topping system utilizes air and a sickle knife to efficiently sever the tops from the onions. The onion tops, along with other light debris are then ejected out the rear of the machine with relatively clean product continuing through the harvester.

The onions then travel upward in our unique Top Air vertical elevator. Our exclusively designed inspection table then allows manual sorting to remove heavy debris such as stones, dirt clods and cull onions, resulting in very clean product going to the storage or packing facility. Topper Loaders are custom manufactured to fit any bed configuration. Our solidly designed Top Air onion harvesters are manufactured with integrity to give our customers years of low maintenance operation.

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