- Model 110 - GPS Lightbar Guidance System



Topcon's lightbar guidance systems are well known tools of agriculture, improving efficiency and operating speeds while reducing overlap and extending hours of operation. System 110 delivers maximum operating simplicity in a lightbar guidance product. With features such as a detachable lightbar for optimum “field of view” placement  and a 5” high-visibility color display that operates in separate “day” and “night” modes,  System 110 will quickly become your field tool of choice.

Easy to Install and Operate
You can be operating in minutes. Lightweight, rugged and portable, System 110 is easy to install and use right out of the box with minimal training or instruction. System 110 includes settings for leading market vehicle and sprayers and allows you to set up configurations such as attached front and rear implements or single and double-trailed hitch points. System 110 is simple to move from vehicle to vehicle.

Added Productivity
System 110 simplifies key operations for added productivity and efficiency on your farm. Useful on-screen indicators show Area Applied, Speed, and Row Number, all while building a color coverage map. The convenient USB port allows you to easily export reports and shape files.

Automatic Coverage Maps
Coverage mapping can be used to track the area covered by your vehicle. Easily identify missed areas or areas of overlap. With remote master hookup, automatic coverage maps can be generated more accurately without additional work.

Boundary Mapping
Boundary mapping lets you create field outlines that you can use over and over for any application jobs performed
on that field. Knowing the field’s size and shape helps you plan application quantities and coverage routes.

Automatic Section Control Option
With optional Automatic Section Control (ASC-10), System 110 automatically switches up to ten sprayer sections on or off as you cross previously applied areas, reducing inputs while protecting your crops.

No Limits
Topcon’s intuitive software allows you to quickly create and follow the most efficient or practical guidance. Instead of limited, fixed patterns which may not be exactly right for your field, System 110 provides three basic “modes” that can be used in a variety of combinations, allowing you to easily work with virtually any field shape.

SGR-1 Receiver
Topcon’s SGR-1 GNSS receiver incorporates TruPass™ advanced positioning technology for higher, more stable pass-to-pass accuracy. The SGR-1 provides faster satellite acquisition and simultaneous processing of both GLONASS and GPS signals with 32 channel universal tracking. The rugged compact unit provides serial and CANbus communication and outputs ground speed as simulated radar for improved slow speed operations such as seeding and spraying.

System 110 Features:

  • Detachable LED light bar for optimum placement in field of view
  • 5” (diagonal) display screen - full color with backlight
  • Adjustable LED settings
  • Ambient light sensor maintains display brightness
  • Quick action keys for simple operation
  • Interchangeable field views including Overhead, Perspective, and North Up
  • On-screen status indicators including: Area Applied, Speed, and Row Number
  • Functional 'zoom' for swath, guidance, and field views
  • Simple on-screen set up with visual aids, including implement offsets
  • Multiple language options:  French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
  • On-screen coverage logging with operation
  • Coverage map report with field notes for simple file transfer via USB port
  • 2x USB, 2x CAN, 1x RS-232 and 1x RS232/485 Ports

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