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Using next generation positioning technology, System 150 provides industry leading performance for today's farmer. System 150 supports a wide range of steering ready tractors. On-screen visual aids and easy-to-read coverage maps provide job information for complete application accuracy. System 150 offers a range of guidance patterns including boundary and U-turn recognition, making it easy to complete turns and lock on to the next swath. Rugged, lightweight and portable, System 150 is simple to move from vehicle to vehicle. System 150 includes settings for leading market vehicles and allows you to set up configurations for front or rear implements and single or double-trailed hitch points.

The dashboard provides on-screen indicators for area applied, speed, row number, and satellite information while building a color coverage map. Use the USB port to easily transfer files with field notes to your computer for recordkeeping, analysis or printout.

Excellent for Windrower Applications

System 150 with AES-25 electric steering increases productivity by allowing faster speeds, fewer passes, reduced fuel and less time. Autosteering cuts down operator stress and fatigue and allows uniform swaths and crop dry down. This results in faster baling, chopping, harvesting and consistent forage quality.

Automatic Coverage Maps

Coverage mapping makes it easy to identify missed areas or overlaps. Boundary mapping lets you create field outlines to use over and over for any applications performed on that field. Knowing the field's size and shape helps you plan applications and coverage routes. Multi-function, quick-action keys follow the on-screen menus for easy function changes and simple operation. Use the USB port to easily transfer field data to your computer. An optional detachable lightbar provides additional visual guidance with optimal placement.

Optional Rate Control and Automatic Section Control

System 150 autosection control (ASC) automatically switches up to ten sections on/off as you cross previously applied areas. ASC eliminates gaps/overlaps and reduces inputs while protecting your crops. Liquid rate control keeps your rate constant even with varied vehicle speeds.

AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller

An ISO-compliant steering system featuring multiple-constellation GNSS satellite reception, state-of-the-art inertial sensors, and full terrain compensation, with superior line acquisition and holding capabilities. AGI-4 receives signals from all available satellites; more satellites means improved accuracy, better reception around hills and trees, and 24/7 round-the-clock operation.

AGI-4 is standard with WAAS and EGNOS, easily upgradeable to 2cm accuracy with RTK radio options. NTRIP capability allows you to tap into existing reference networks via mobile phone connection (dependent on local availability) and uses existing data plans and infrastructure to minimize costs.

The AGI-4 features industry-leading ISO11783 compatibility with virtual terminals. The all-in-one, modular design incorporates the antenna, receiver, and steering controller in a single component, offering unmatched upgradeability.

Guidance Patterns

System 110 allows you to quickly create and follow the most efficient or practical guidance patterns and provides three basic 'modes' that can be used in a variety of combinations, allowing you to work with virtually any field shape.

System 150 Features

  • Multiple Constellation GNSS reception
  • Standard support for WAAS, EGNOS satellite based augmentation services
  • Optional Omnistar VBS and Omnistar XP/HP capability
  • Optional capability for real-time kinetic (RTK) correction services including 900 MHz, 450-470 MHz, UHF, and GSM.
  • Optional Detachable Lightbar
  • Full-color 5' diagonal LCD display with backlight
  • Ambient Light Sensor adjusts display brightness depending on light conditions
  • Steering patterns include straight line, curves, pivot, and last pass
  • On-screen coverage mapping and data logging with operation
  • Coverage map report with field notes for simple file transfer via USB port
  • Adjustable LED settings
  • Quick action keys for simple operation
  • Changeable field views including overhead and path view
  • Functional zoom feature for swath, guidance, and field views
  • On-screen status indicators for row number, speed, and area applied
  • GPS status screen
  • Simple on-screen setup with visual aids including implement offsets
  • Multiple language operation
  • Ports include: 2x USB, 2x CAN, 1x RS-232 and 1x RS-232/485

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