- Model AES-25 - Automatic Electric Steering System



AES-25 is an advanced solution for all platforms - from basic steering to those striving for high-accuracy results. AES-25 is fully compatible with the Topcon AGI-4 and X Family of Consoles. AES-25 not only provides precise steering control, but is a superb alternative to common hydraulic steering systems.

With a quiet, high-torque motor, the AES-25 provides silent operation and the most accurate electric steering in the world. The AES-25 does not intrude into the operator’s working area with external components that could interfere with normal day-to-day operation.

Farmers can start at the accuracy needed for particular jobs, then step up to real-time kinetics (RTK) with confidence that they will achieve full 2cm accuracy.

A System 150 or System 350 combined with AES-25 provides a complete package that is easily transferable between machines.

Topcon’s patented system provides supreme performance and precise steering control.

  • Fast, accurate steering response
  • Up to 2cm performance accuracy
  • Full terrain compensation
  • Reverse operation
  • Convenient, simple installation
  • Easily transferable
  • Compatible with System 150 and System 200 (X20)

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