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Model TopDry - In-Bin Dryers



Though the TopDry is technically drying grain in the bin, it is really more like an out of bin dryer. Combine the TopDry’s limited depth, roof drying floor and high capacities with the same high capacity fans used on our Portable Dryers and you get capacities equal to our largest Stack Portable Dryer. The TopDry is available in a completely manual batch version and an automatic AutoFlow version which operates exactly the same as our out of bin dryers, requiring the same support items such as a wet tank. 


GSI network controls offer simple operation with an easy-to-read display, easily located on the dryer or remote with a few wires. Our controls are specifically designed by GSI to control our TopDry Dryers. The batch models use the fan and heater components of the control to operate their fans and heaters.


Our TopDry Dryers are built to streamline your operation with easy maintenance and optimization. A shallow layer of grain on a peaked floor just under the roof allows TopDry to achieve airflows similar to Portable Dryers at low static, while simultaneously providing capacities not available in any other bin based dryer. Fan units are located on the ground via ductwork for easy operation and maintenance. All cooling airflow and heat is recovered and recycled into the air and heat from the main fans, increasing capacity and providing the best efficiency possible. No other dryer can dry more efficiently than TopDry.


GSI was the first to put the fan units on the ground for easy operation and maintenance, and also ensuring air and heat are completely mixed for even drying and peak efficiency. Fan units can be parallel or perpendicular to the bin to conform to available room and direct low level noise away from the operation area; the lower section automatically adjusts for height and any variation in pad height over the years.

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