- Model CFR650 Bale Pro­ - Industrial and Agricultural Covering, Feeding and Bedding



The New Highline TOP GUN is a rugged highly effective implement for industrial and agricultural covering, feeding and bedding applications.It provides uniform coverage as it throws material in excess of 100 feet or feeds by gently dropping a windrow from its side discharge.


From Bedding to Feeding the Smart Way… Never Open a Gate Again
How many times has an open gate ended with chasing cattle back into the pen? Frustration, lost time and potentially dangerous situations are all something that producers want to avoid and now can with the Highline TOP GUN. With the 11 feet high nozzle, the TOP GUN can easily reach over the top of bunks and fences to gently blow straw into pens to bed cattle. Then open the feeding doors and lay down a windrow of hay to feed the cattle. All of this done from outside of the pen, where you can safely monitor the cattle – are the cows ready to calve, is there a calf that needs attention, do the hooves need trimming? Make feeding and bedding a quick and comfortable process for both the cattle and yourself.


Feeding Livestock has changed significantly over time. While feeding can be done with chop pails and ring feeders, the TOPGUN reduces manual labor and replaces it with a safe and simple tractor operation.

Through bale processing, the Highline TOPGUN separates dust, mold and spores from the feed making it more palatable and nutritious.

Make your feeding operation more efficient by ensuring that cattle eat from a windrow. This encourages cattle to eat more hay rather than lying on top of it. Producers are aware of cattle using expensive or scarce hay around the ring feeder as bedding. The simple test is how many times you need to move the ring because uneaten hay and manure are trampled knee high!

Use remote or windrow feeding to gain the advantage of improving the quality of the feed, cattle “cleaning up” a higher amount of feed and spreading manure in the field. These Highline advantages make your feeding operation more efficient.

Land Reclamation
The TOPGUN is a valued tool for reclamation and erosion control. Spread straw for any number of uses. It is often used to spread straw for soil incorporation.

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