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- Model LQJ-Ⅲ - Super spiral chiller


Super spiral chiller is used for poultry slaughterhouse pre-cooling section to cool the poultry carcass. This equipment needs more water than usual chiller, but efficiency will improve several times. It needs an ice maker and flaker installed on the body rack to get the ice for lowering the inside water temperature. Then the chicken's feet will be cut by feet cutting machine on the suspension line, and carcass will be dropping on the chiller. At last chicken will be pushed forward by the spiral blade from inlet to outlet . Customers can choose super spiral chiller or the air chilling line for cooling the chicken carcass. For super spiral chilling machine, it must be equipped with the condenser or ice maker and flaker. Our company supplys the high quality ice maker and flaker, the main part is made in Germany. In case of choosing air cooling line, it should be equipped with the refrigeration unit (compressor, fan and others).

  1. Spiral chiller itself is applied only to move the chicken from the inlet of the chiller to the outlet by the spiral shaft and ejector. This machine can not provide cool water by itself. Usually it works with ice maker or machine unit that can make cool water.

  2. Air chilling consists of one overhead chain conveyor and one set of refrigerating unit.

  • Stainless steel structure, stainless steel water tank and spiral shaft(δ=3.0mm).

  • Supplied with air transport system (TAIWAN brand vortex pump).

  • More water holding, more space-saving.

  • Two gear motor driven.

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