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The Tor-Master Trash Cutter is designed for less tillage, especially in corn stalks.  One pass will cut the stalks and root system into small particles of straw. Enough residue will be left with no soil erosion, but will have a good seed bed for any crop.


The Tor-Master Trash Cutter is designed with 3 rows of wavy circular blades at 9' spacing per bar. 3-bars will give you 3' spacing and the wavy discs will go through the chaff and straw in a circular motion.

The back has 2 rows of tumblers which are mounted on double rubber mounts.

The blades are a slight spiral angle which make them more aggressive with sharp edges for moving the soil at a slight angle which cuts the straw up 2 times more and levels out the land. This operation will leave enough soil coverage to keep from soil erosion.

The Tor-Master Trash Cutter will save on several passes on the field compared to conventional tillage.

Based on a survey in the Red River Valley, corn stalks are a major problem. Conventional is one operation usually with circular mowing and two operations with tandem disking twice. Prior to seeding they will use the plow or tandem disk twice. With this procedure you leave problems with blowing soil around ditches, drainage, etc. It costs roughly 4 to 6 dollars per acre on fuel for each pass which pollutes our environment.

The disks are mounted on a castor for easy turning when the unit is still in the ground. There are 2 disks on 1 castor mount with a cavity in between. There are 2 high quality bearings which have a cavity in between which contains grease. Another cavity with a double lip seal on the outside of the bearing for longer life span. They require less greasing and loss of grease on the land. The down pressure on the blade is with hydraulic cylinders and accumulators which controls for even pressure through the blades at all times. With low lying areas, rock or high areas, it can easily be regulated by a control pressure valve for longer lasting life of the blades and less damage of hitting rocks.

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