- Combined Field Cultivator



TORNADO combined cultivator is designed for pre-sowing cultivation. The combined cultivator is used for loosening the top layer of soil, breaking and crushing lumps of crusted layers of soil and pressing the soil surface to assure better permeability of groundwater. The unit is particularly useful for growing plants that require levelled fields before sowing seeds, for example, before point sowing of sugar beets.

Standard equipment:

  • coupling pins Cat 2 for a width of 3.0 m;
    Cat 3 for a width of 4.0 m
  • spiral rippers behind tractor wheels
  • levelling board
  • tubular roller, 400 mm in diameter
  • two rows of tines 45x10 with straight blades
  • two rows of tines 35x10 with straight blades
  • dual rear rollers, 310 mm in diameter, with a plough (35x6)
  • manual adjustment of working depth and tines angle of attack
  • possible to change the order of operating elements
  • max. working depth – 150 mm
  • clearance under the frame – 420mm
  • 3.0 m version – a rigid frame, mounted
  • 4.0; 5.0; 6.0 m version – hydraulically collapsible, mounted

Optional equipment:

  • spring-tine harrow
  • illumination


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