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The biggest Sampo Rosenlew machines are found in the 3000 range. Both models, the 3065 and the 3085, represent modern combine harvester development. Large grain tanks, wide cutting tables and efficient engines are very suitable for large farms.

  • 6-cylinder 210 hp Sisu Power engine
  • 5.1 m cutting table
  • Premium Plus cab
  • Air-conditioning
  • LH500Plus threshing monitor
  • threshing cylinder with 8 rasp bars
  • 6,500 litre grain tank
  • 6 four-step straw walkers
  • CSP separation drum
  • high-capacity straw chopper 3,900 rpm
  • front tyres 800/65R32
  • rear tyres 480/65R24

The cab design meets modern requirements without compromising on performance. Customer requests have been given special consideration in the design. The cab is more ergonomic than before, thanks to the integrated multi-function handle in the driver's arm rest, and the new meter column at eye level. The most commonly used controls are placed in the console within easy reach.

The threshing mechanism, cutting table and unloading are controlled using electronic switches. The speed controls of the threshing cylinder and blower are positioned on the arm rest for convenience. The right-hand side monitor column provides ideal visibility of rpm, driving speed and warning light indicators.

The cab comes equipped to highest standard, complete with heating and air-conditioning, threshing loss indicator, LH500Plus, and radio with hands-free function for convenience.

Optional accessories include a reversing camera and a hydraulic driver's seat.

The threshing mechanism width is the same in both 3000 models. The wide and robust threshing cylinder ensures stable rotation. The cylinder has eight rasp bars with a straight, dirt-repellent inner surface.

The concave wires are designed thin for efficient threshing. The heavy-duty cylinder and concave provide an optimal combination for grain cleanliness.

Sampo-Rosenlew harvesters provide an ideal balance between the cutting table and the threshing system. You can increase or reduce the table width according to your needs without compromising on performance. The quick-mount cutting table is easy to remove without tools, and is transported in its own trailer for speed and safety.

The knife is operated with a robust Wobble Box drive. The screw-on knife blades facilitate quick service in the event of damage. The distance from blade to auger is large enough and suitable for all crop types. The large auger diameter ensures consistent supply to the conveyor, and the auger is equipped with fingers across its entire width.

The pick-up reel and cutting table functions are vital for good threshing performance. The SR-3000 table models feature mechanically adjusted pick-up reel tines. All other reel functions, such as reel speed, height and distance, are controlled hydraulically from the cab using the multi-function handle. The table width of the SR 3000 series ranges from 4.5 m to 6.3 m.

Sampo combines are famous for their excellent cleaning capabilities, which are arguably the best on the market. The designs are based on the simple idea that each machine should be easy and hassle-free to clean anywhere, including in the field. A clean combine also gives better performance.

The stainless steel chaffer sections are removable. They can be pulled out from the back of the machine using the special tool supplied with the machine.

Clean conveyor sections improve the overall performance of the sieves.

The upper and lower sieves form two pairs which can also be removed. The sieves are mounted with two screws. The toolkit – supplied as standard with the machine – includes a ring spanner to fit the screws. Clean sieves guarantee best threshing performance.

The cleanliness of straw walkers is especially important when harvesting damp crops. In difficult conditions, impurities can accumulate in the bottom of straw walkers. The pull-out bottom sections of the straw walkers help to prevent this problem. The stainless steel chutes are easy to remove through the hatch in the back wall of the straw hood

The conveyor augers of the grain tank in the 3000 series can be pulled out for cleaning. If necessary, the tank auger can also be removed. Both procedures can be done without tools.

Talk to your retailer and find out about the many different functions which make cleaning easier – both in the field and after the harvesting season.

The 3065 Tornado features the same W chassis for the 6500 l tanks as the 3085 Superior models. Thanks to its longer pre-threshing cylinder, the 3085 Superior has a larger tank at 8,100 l. The tank covers are opened from the cab with the push of a button. When the cover is open, the top of the grain tank is open.
A closed unloading system is available as an option for the SR3085 Superior. Thanks to the angle transmission, unloading can be done using any pipe angle. This is invaluable when unloading on the move and in turns, such as field corners.

The compromise is a smaller tank size at 7,600 l and reduced cleaning options.

The unloading pipe can also be turned from the cab with the push of a button. The pipe end is highly visible from the cab, which makes unloading easy. The unloading height is 4m, or 4.4m in the closed model. The unloading speed is approx. 70 l/s in the open system and nearly 100 l/s in the closed system.

The hydrostatic power transmission makes even the longest day of harvesting a joy. Four-wheel drive can be fitted to facilitate driving in wet fields. The model comes with wide tyres on both the front and rear as standard. The gearbox provides three speeds. Gear changing is easy using the hydraulic shifting mechanism. The multi-function handle provides steering and speed control.

The Sampo-Rosenlew 3000 series is powered by the reliable and economic Agco Power engine. Different engine options are available for all models to ensure required capacity.

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