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TORNUM Grain Coolers are available with different capacities. The coolers are designed with a truly environmental friendly indirect cooling system requiring 80 % less refrigerant compared to traditional cooling systems.

Practical Advantage

Cooling lasts When grain is cooled it holds its temperature for a long time. With the Grain Cooler it is usually enough to cool the grain just once for it to continue to be perfect for storage. The Grain cooler can be used in essentially any type of storage as long as a good duct system is available for the cold air to be distributed through the storage. Any type of grain, or cone shaped material – for which a low storage temperature is desirable – can be chilled with a TORNUM Grain Cooler. 

Control system Operation of the Grain Cooler couldn’t be easier. A state of the art PLC system is programmed to handle 11 different types of grain requiring the operator only to inform the cooler about type of grain to be chilled, moisture content and required cooling temperature. Having this information the Grain Cooler will deliver air having the correct temperature and relative humidity – regardless of ambient conditions – through out the cooling process. The TORNUM PLC system is prepared for communication with most PC-systems 

Life shouldn’t be poisoned

Grain is literally a part of our daily bread. It ends up on our dinner tables in the form of cereal, pasta or bread. Grain also comprises the basis of livestock feed. Many people are worried about chemicals used for pests and disease control. Not only are chemicals unpleasant to work with, they are also a threat to the environment. Most chemicals, and those that are used the most, are a threat to the sensitive ozone layer.

Heat – grain’s mortal enemy

Grain is a living organism; when it breathes, it loses both weight and value. And when the temperature climbs, the risk of pests, mold and bacteria also rises. Maintaining low, accurate storage temperatures are much more important for preserving the quality of your grain than reducing moisture content. As long as the proper temperature is maintained in relation to the moisture content even grain with a high moisture content can be stored safely.

A success in Europe and Asia 

By chilling grain, you eliminate the need for chemicals. Chilled storage has long been accepted in Europe and Asia as the method that safeguards and preserves the quality of stored grain. Cooling is also ideal for the increasing share of organically grown grain, which may not be treated with toxic chemicals.


Traditionally all grain coolers available on the market are using a direct cooling system requiring a huge amount of refrigerant which is questionable in today’s world when caring for our environment is a big issue to all of us. But not anymore - the new coolers from TORNUM are designed with an indirect cooling system requiring 80% less refrigerant compared to the traditional direct cooling systems! We have achieved this at the same time as we have managed to increase the cooling capacity.

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