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The Waterbird® range of mini sprinklers is a registered product of the agricultural irrigation manufacturer Toro Ag Irrigation. With access to Toro's 40 plus years of industry experience, the Waterbird series maintains that same level of quality, with user-friendly products and an ever-adapting culture of research based innovation. Toro have become the largest single supplier of irrigation products to Australia’s agricultural, landscape, turf and domestic garden markets and are committed to servicing the growing needs of the Australian agricultural industry.

While available in a variety of customised options, the Waterbird series can be differentiated by each product’s specifically designed usage applications. The three main product categories include the Waterbird III-AA, the Waterbird VI and the Waterbird VI-PC, each catering for a variety of purposes.

The Waterbird III-AA is a low volume, under-tree sprinkler designed for orchards and nurseries that require under-foliage irrigation where it is desirable to prevent water from contacting foliage or fruit.

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