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- Seed Bed Preparation Machine



Seed bed preparation, repetitions and trilogy, in weed control in horticulture, trees occasionally can be used in so areas of weed control 
hydraulic type goblin disc harrows 16'11, 18'l of 20'11, 22'l of 24 Pieces, consists of 26 , 28 came into existance of 32'l, including 46, 51 and 56 cm discs are manufactured in diameter. Parçalayıcı- ahead of the machine  blowing at the rear there are two disc set including blowing. Turn on the machine by means of adjustment pin (batteries disk group) decreasing soil 

Aeration process is done in terms of increasing the clod crushing and seed bed preparation process. Performing angle adjustment work required depth is achieved. Mechanical soil  fluff tearing, ventilate, to break the soil clods, shred the stubble in the stubble field, in the territory of the dilemma and the trilogy process, no weeds  in the, in the preparation of a good seed bed, the fields should be taken of soil conservation measures, crop residues and mixing of organic matter  in dry farming of land used in the protection of -Si-air balance. The disks used in the machine is imported boron steel. The discs are produced with an advanced micro technology  is the alloy has a high resistance to twisting and tearing may occur in severe operating conditions. Disks are placed at frequent intervals on the battery 
does not leave the field turf where raw. The discs are fastened with square mile on the castle nuts. The battery consists of 2 bedrooms on the bearings and seals  are available. This roller bearings provide the highest level of study withdrawal rate.

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