Dante Macchine

- Model SP - Cultivation Machine



TOWED PLANO machines can have working width of 5, 6 or 7.5 m, for tractors whose power is between 160 and 350 HP. SP is our vesion fot the cultivation os hard soils in just one passage. Tha machine is made of a central frame and two extensions. the trade-off is ensured by an hydraulic system that enables you to equally distribute the weight all over the machine width and, in the meantime, it guarantees adaptability to the soil. The tool combination is the following: a toothed levelling bar, a Ø500 cage roller, 5 rows of 6 cm far-between pawls, another Ø400 cage roller, a Ø300 toothed refiner, two wide-section wheels that ensure little trampling upon the field. This machine is suitable for sugar beet cultivated fields, thanks to its adaptability to the soil and the distribution of the tines. It can perfectly cultivate the soil in 3-4 cm depth, maintaining the humidity of the soil, that is essential for the seed germination.

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