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High performance, its accurate distribution exploits fertilizing to the full.   All the models from our range are built on a strong and reliable chassis, giving the fertilizer spreader strength at the same time as a perfect presentation.The painting and finishing process and the use of stainless steel in the elements that spread the fertilizer ensure a long life of all the mechanisms.

The accuracy in the dosage and distribution is guaranteed, even in the belt models, as the control of the amount of fertilizer from the hopper to the spreading discs is carried out by means of a hydraulically assisted dispenser with milli-metric adjustment; in this way, and with the help of the tables included in the instruction manual, we obtain an exact regulation that allows us to distribute the exact amount of prefixed kg/h.
This allows us to work with products (fertilizers or seeds) at a lower dose - up to 10kg/h with absolute reliability.

The modifications in the amount of fertilizer to be spread are quickly carried out with accuracy.In these models of towed fertiliser spreaders, and even in the belt models the same regulation principles have been applied as in the floating models. That is why we can accurately spread any type of fertilizer (granulated, urea, etc) and the most frequent seeds (barley, rye, rapeseed, flax, wheat, beza, alfalfa) and others included in our seeding manual.

At the same time this means that we can regulate our fertilizer spreader for working widths from 12 to 24 metres, for any type of granulated fertilizer

With the help of this deflector and with a simple adjustment to the machine, we achieve perfect fertilisation of the edge of our plot of land without any fertiliser losses.
All the models have a sieve available to prevent access to the distribution group of undesired objects or fertilizing lumps that may damage the machine or alter the distribution. The user can rapidly carry out its assembly and disassembly.
In order to control the amount of fertilizer there is a millimetric index available allowing us to precisely obtain the required dosage. Aperture of the fertilizer valve from the chute to the distribution discs is carried out by the operation of two cylinders than can operate individually in order to distribute on one or both sides of the fertilizer machine. A simple controller is required in the tractor for said purpose.
A security valve is included so as to prevent undesired emptying of the chute due to a breakdown when the hydraulic distributor in the tractor allows the entering of oil from the machine.
By inclining the blades and selector of the point of descent of the fertiliser to the spreading disc:

  • 12, 15, 18 and 24 meters wide. - Granulated
  • 12, 15 and 18 meters wide. - Urea
  • 12 and 15 meters wide. - Urea fine grain

Allows distribution of the programmed dosage for the whole of the piece of ground, even with farm tractor speed variations. Its controller regulates the quantity of fertilizer fed from the chute to the distribution discs so as to maintain the desired Kgr/Ha rate at all times.

It regulates the distribution on the sides of the piece of ground; controls the revolutions of the tractor auxiliary drive shaft; allows increases and decreases of the fertilizer dosage in keeping with the user's requirements.

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