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Tower Bases With Flower Beds

Available for all lattice and tube towers. The base has a hollow where you can plant flowers, for instance. Conduits for cabling. The diameter of the base is 1.8, 2.4 or 3.6 meters, depending on the type of tower and wind turbine you have; it is designed to keep the wind turbine upright at a wind of 50 m/s. Can be assembled even in the winter, as it does not require digging of foundations. Enables the transfer of the wind turbine to a different location. A low-cost and extremely easy solution compared to the cast concrete foundations. Complete installation of a wind turbine from a package to a ready-to-use turbine is possible in just a few hours, and the installation does not require any digging of foundations or casting. The material is concrete. Can also be delivered painted in any RAL shade.

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