Tower Dry Mortar Plants



Owing to optimum production conditions (low cleaning expenditure, no intermediary raw material transport), thetower plantis  the most-built dry mortar system. The output capacity is between 20 and 100 t/h. According to customer’s requirement, different mixers can be used (different manufacturers and sizes, complete-discharge units or nozzle discharge units). There is the possibility to plan a second mixing line and to realise this only at a later time. This can raise the output capacity of the system additionally.


  • optimum production conditions(low cleaning expenditure) by vertical design
  • best suited for the most different dry mortar products
  • various equipment and extension possibilities
  • various possibilities of the ready product loading and packaging (Silos, silo trucks, bags and big bags)

Technical Data

  • output capacity (1 mixer) 20–100 t/h
  • height 25–60 m

Available Extensions/Additions

  • additional raw material storage silos
  • finished product storage silos
  • additive dosing and/or pigment dosing
  • Fiber Batch Feeder
  • light substance dosing  (volumetrically & gravi-metrically)
  • sand processing (breaking, drying, screening)
  • central vacuum cleaning system

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